Stop. And Breathe.

“Stop managing your time and start managing your focus.” Holds true, doesn’t it?

Create a schedule, they say.
Stick to your routine, they say.
Manage time and time will manage you, they say.

But, come on. Let’s face it. It is nigh impossible to keep doing the same thing every day, every time (like a machine). We are humans!

So, let me just take this moment to say:

Let’s break that tight schedule.
Let’s look at the things afresh, without any time constraints.
Let’s take out time to rejoice in the minute things life has to offer.

Breathe in . . . 1-2-3
Pause . . . 4-5-6
Breathe out . . . 7-8-9

Take the moment to slow down.
Take the moment to breathe deep.
Take the moment to readjust the focus.

… And breathe again …


Published by simran.doshi

I love writing, eating, and traveling (just like everybody else!) — so yes, you can relate to me, and connect with me 😅

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