7 Tips to Combat Writer’s Block

Oh! The terror. The blank page. The impatient pen. Only if the words could flow …

While you wait for the inspiration to strike, here are my tips to combat the dreaded writer’s block:

1. Listen to some music.

Nothing inspires more than music. My go-to artists: Eminem and Linkin Park. Somehow, they always have the words that I need.

2. Go for a walk. Alone.

Get outside. And get going. Walking really opens up the closed gates of the mind, triggering thoughts and inspiration.

3. Start scribbling. Or typing randomly.

Even if all you can type is “I cannot write.” – You have got words on your screen at least. And it is so much better than that blank page. Let your mind free. And type whatever that comes. It need not be a sentence. Any word. Any language. Just write.

4. Read… Online. Offline. Blog. Newspaper. Anything!

Skim through if you don’t feel like reading. Open up other’s work to find the words you are looking for.

5. Sleep. (You heard me right!)

Nothing beats dozing off. Trust me! Keep all your client worries at bay and just sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on that blank page! …

6. Go for a drive or a ride.

Some ‘me-time’ is really needed for a writer to realign her thoughts. Sometimes, a drive or a ride on a bike does the job of bringing back the lost mojo.

7. Watch a movie.

Re-watching your favorite movie will surely get all those creative juices flowing.

Wait for inspiration and you’d keep waiting forever. Take a break, restart, realign, and get going. Words will come 🙂

Any other tips to fight writer’s block? Let me know in the comments!


Published by simran.doshi

I love writing, eating, and traveling (just like everybody else!) — so yes, you can relate to me, and connect with me 😅

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