300 Posts & Counting… My LinkedIn Journey!

When I first started posting on LinkedIn, I was anxious.

What would I write about? How could I make an impact? Would people read what I share?

Shrugging off all the thoughts, I went ahead and published my first post. And then the second one. And the third.

I started to get a hang of things as the days went by. Amidst everything, here’s what I learnt:

  • Take that step that you are hesitant about.
  • Trust that you’d figure it out along the way!
  • Be patient. And persistent.


People! You can’t know it all when you start. I too didn’t know how things worked. I didn’t know what I’d post the next week. I didn’t know what would work or what won’t. I didn’t even know if anyone would engage on my posts or not.

But, I posted. And kept posting. And engaging.

I tried to provide something that would add value, help others. I posted my experiences and knowledge – something that I was looking for when I started.


I didn’t learn it anywhere. I also didn’t know the how and why and when.

I read. I imbibed. I did.

Now, it has been more than a year on LinkedIn. And I’ve made more than 300 posts! Been a long journey, but hey! It’s still the start 🙂




So, just let go of everything. Don’t overthink. Write. And hit that POST button!

Give yourself a chance and just go for it!

Try …


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I love writing, eating, and traveling (just like everybody else!) — so yes, you can relate to me, and connect with me 😅

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