hey there!

thanks for being here : )

I am a content writer, a ‘kung fu panda’ enthusiast, minimalist, day lark, and a lover of planners & to-do lists. And I’m here for and because of my eternal love for the written word… since 2005 (that’s the endmost piece I can trace back!)

so glad that I found a way to turn my childhood passion into a career that I absolutely adore; and get to meet amazing peeps such as those behind Netflix, Duolingo, electronic arts, aditya birla, ds group, container xchange, d’decor, and more!

had you told that child scribbling words in her diary in 2005 that she’d be making it big as a writer and working with these awesome companies, the answer would be: are you crazy?!

but… “look Maa! I made it!”

*eager to show her content archive*click here!

Besides writing research-backed, targeted, engaging, long-form blog content… I love sitting by the sea in silence, meditating, going on really long drives, cooking, and watching Disney & Pixar animated movies! (≠ anime; I don’t like anime) 😅

that’s pretty much about me. your turn now.

drop me an email. or connect with me on linkedin & twitter — where I share random musings, writing tips, and things I learn 🙂

talk soon,